The difference between secured and unsecured business loans can be summed up in a single word: collateral.

Lenders want to be sure to get their money back therefore their highest priority is to make sure they mitigate their risk as much as possible. For a secured business loan, a…

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I submit a loan request?

Via e-mail to

2. Where do you offer financing?

In all 50 states.

3. What type of businesses do you finance?

It will vary depending on the loan program, but we have options for every industry. We do NOT offer venture capital, purchase order financing, or loans based on business plans/projections.

4. How much funding can I receive?

All loans are based on capacity of repayment, as shown through bank statements, tax returns, and/or credit history. We will always approve for the maximum possible amount, ranging from $20K to $5MM.

5. Are there any fees associated with your loans?

There are never any upfront application fees. For certain loans, there may be origination/processing fees which would be disclosed on a contract and only deducted after successful funding.

6. Do you conduct a hard or soft credit pull?

This varies depending on the loan type. Typically, a soft inquiry is done initially for a pre-approval. Once an offer has been accepted, a hard inquiry is done. In some cases, only soft inquiries (or no credit checks) are done..

7. Do you work with brokers/referral partners?

Yes, we do. Please contact for more information.

What is a Business Loan Broker?

A Business Loan Broker (Commercial Loan Broker) helps small business owners by arranging business financing through a network of business financing products and lenders and funders that the business loan broker has built a relationship with over time. Business loan brokers identify the need of small business owners and then…

To say that 2020 was a struggle for many Americans is an understatement to the highest degree. The pandemic itself has paralyzed many peoples ability to support their family and lead their lives the way they have been accustomed to. Though various businesses succeeded tremendously during the pandemic, a far…

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